Advanced Fruit

Advanced fruit is half standard fruit trees grown into larger sizes. The advantages of this product are that: –
The trees will fruit quickly
The fruit can be picked from the ground

Varieties available incl. Apple Elstar, James Grieve, Jonagold, Katy, Bramley, Red Boskoop, Summer Red Pears and Plums in limited quantities
10-12cm B/R,           12-14cm B/R


VarietySize and FormPrice
Apple Bramley's Seedlingf1
Apple Orange Pippin
Apple Granny Smith
Apple James Grieve
Apple Jonagold
Apple Katja
Apple Red Boskoop
Apple Schone van Boskoop1.2-1.5m B/R Bush
1.2m stem B/R Half Std
Apple Gloster
Apple Elstar
Apple Golden Delicious
Apple Discovery
Cherry Bigarreau Napoléon
Cherry Early Rivers
Cherry Stella
Pear Beurré Hardy
Pear Clapp's Favourite
Pear Conference
Pear Williams
Pear Doyenné du Comice
Plum Damson
Plum Victoria
Plum The Czar
Plum Opal
Plum Early Prolific
Nectarine Mme. Blanchet
Nectarine Rubygold
Peach Champion1.2-1.5m B/R Bush
Peach Peregrine
Apricot Hongaarse


VarietySize and FormPrice
Blackcurrant Baldwinsf1
Blackcurrant Ben Alder
Blackcurrant Ben Lomond
Blackcurrant Ben More
Blackcurrant Ben Nevis3-5 breaks B/R
Redcurrant Jonkheer van
Redcurrant Red Lake
Redcurrant Rosetta
Whitecurrant Blanka
Whitecurrant Primus
Gooseberry Invicta
Gooseberry Whinham's3-5 breaks B/R
Gooseberry Whitesmith
Blackberry Himalaya
Blackberry Loch Ness2lt
Blackberry Thornfree
Strawberry Elvirap7
Strawberry Elsanta
Strawberry Korona
Strawberry Rapella
Raspberry Fallgold
Raspberry Autumn Bliss
Raspberry JumboB/R
Raspberry Malling Jewel
Raspberry Malling Promise
Blueberry Bluecrop
Blueberry Duke
Blueberry Earliblue
Blueberry Patriotp9


Trained Apple

Apple Espalier 1.5m high x 1.5m wide R/BApple Double U Espalier 1.75m high x 1.5m wide R/B