Wild Flower Seeds and Matting

Variety 1 kg covers sq.m
Wildlife Mix (especially bees)sm1500 sq.m
Road and Street Mixsm21000 sq. m
Countryside mix (annuals only)sm3660 sq. m
Countryside Mix (annuals and perennials)sm41000 sq. m


We now offer instant plant matting in a number of varieties.


The desired result immediately
Easy and quick to lay
Prevents weed growth
Minimises maintenance
Instant mature impression
Great when combined with newly planted or existing shrubs, specimens, bulbs and trees


Dimensions of each tile 40cm x 60cm
Varieties available
Hedera Woerner
Rosa Robin
Rosa Sterre
Vinca minor
Vinca minor Gertrude Jeckell
Waldestinia ternata